In August 2014, the founders of BANDAIDE Mobile Tip Jar came up with the seed of a great idea: make an app for musicians to collect tips on their phones.

Many working musicians were consulted in the Austin and Southern California region to determine how would bands use it, what should it cost, what bells and whistles should be included, and did the music community think it would be a viable tool in a band's tool bag.

The overwhelming answer: YES!

Over the next six months, Harlem Media and the founders made mockups, flow charts and vision boards to hone the idea into a business plan. Landis White of the development company Blue Like Neon was hired to build the app and spruce up the graphics.

The goal: Produce a native mobile app that embodied a single intersection between fan and band. Anything that was not essential to the function of a fan tipping a band was left on the cutting room floor so to speak and tabled until further roll out.